Thank you for supporting Garrymore & Gortskehy.

A receipt has just been delivered to your inbox and your payment has been processed by Gortskehy National School’s PayPal/Stripe account. Bingo books with full instructions for taking part will be emailed before lunchtime on the day of the event. This should give everyone time to print their books at work if they don’t have a printer at home.

Prizes are non-transferable and paid out to the email address of the person who ordered the winning book. All prizes are paid by bank transfer. If there are two or more winners in any game the prize is divided evenly among each winner.

Don’t worry if something comes up and you can’t make it on the night or your internet doesn’t work.  Our software matches your unique bingo book(s) to the random numbers called, automatically linking winning numbers to winning books. We’ll get your prize to you even if you’re not there. A full list of prize winners will be published on Garrymore GAA and Gortskehy NS Facebook pages.


Games 1-4 and 6-9: 1 line €20, 2 lines €30, full panel €75

Game 5: 1 line €40, 2 lines €60, full panel €150.

Game 10: 1 line €100, 2 lines €150, full panel €500

How to play:

There are 10 games. Each game card has 6 panels. When playing bingo the ultimate goal is to mark off your numbers before anyone else does, which is what is known as getting a ‘CHECK’.

There are three prizes for each game where the winner is the first person to get all of their numbers on any ONE LINE marked off, followed by the next winner who is the first player to get TWO LINES marked off in THE ONE PANEL and then the final win is the the FULL HOUSE, when all numbers are marked off in ONE PANEL.

Best of luck!